University of Jaffna

The University of Jaffna got its start at Parameswaran College. Even today, the original tower of Paremeswara College serves as the entryway of Jaffna University. Jaffna University was founded in 974 as Sri Lanka's sixth University. It currently provides BA, BBA, BBM, B.Com, BFA, BICT, B.Pharm, BSc, LLB, MA, MEd, MBBS, and MSc degrees. Nine faculties offer the degrees mentioned above: the Faculty of Agriculture, Applied Sciences, Arts, Business Studies, Engineering, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, and the Faculty of Medicine and Science. Tirunelveli Jaffna - Main administrative building, Arts, Management Studies & Commerce, Science, Medicine, and Agriculture faculties Marthanamadam's Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts, Kaithady's Siddha Medicine, Vavuniya's Faculty of Business Studies and Applied Science, and Kilinochchi's Agriculture and Engineering faculties Jaffna University's insignia is a Nandi (bull) and traditional oil light. Sixty-four flames encircle these as the emblem's border, representing the 64 different arts in Tamil culture ( ). The motto's English translation is "Discernment is wisdom." The University of Jaffna owns a 43-acre property at Post Box 57, Thirunelvely, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Scholars, current and former students, and individuals interested in education frequently visit the University.